The Path to Motivation:

      Keeping a good relationship is important.

Your invoice is the most important!

Most of your debtors are not just behind in paying you; they are behind with everybody they owe – from rent, to utilities, to insurance and credit card payments. There just isn't enough money to go around. Even badly past-due debtors still pay a few bills each month, after deciding which are the most important. You need to help your debtors decide that YOUR bill needs to be paid along with the most critical items.

It's not enough just to say, "Pay me now." You have to prove that non-payment will lead to unwanted consequences. To do that, you should use the best set of proven recovery techniques:

1 Strong messages showing urgency.
2 Consistent process of message delivery based upon automated reporting tools and relentless time pressure.
3 Reinforced by credible legal reminders that attorney, credit bureau, and collection company actions are unavoidable if payment is not made immediately.

A systemized and timely approach

Our process is designed to recover maximum dollars by employing every legal collection tool available in a timely fashion. The system incorporates attorney contacts, which are more professional and effective. If the debtor does not respond to the series of letters and phone calls, your ARPC-retained attorney will take over the process. It is always your decision whether to litigate or not. But if you choose to do so, you will be in a position of strength.

Because of the simplicity of the system and the legal protection it offers, there is no reason for your practice to submit the debt to collection too early, while it is eminently more collectable and you are more likely to resolve the debt from the patient.

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Keep it Personal!

Traditional collection companies are obligated by law to notify the debtor that they are now in the collection process and that your practice is no longer involved. From that point onward, your practice has no way of knowing what point in the process the company has reached; or, indeed, if the company is doing anything at all.

With ARPC, the delinquent patient is still at a point where he or she can avoid negative credit reporting by working with you. Our system starts out by contacting the patient in the name of your practice. We advise the patient to make restitution with you directly.

This initial soft approach helps you keep a good relationship with the patient because it doesn't feel like a collection process. It also motivates the patient to work with you in a reasonable fashion to escalating to the next level.