Results Beyond Compare:

      Why ARPC over traditional collection companies?

Compare ARPC's Account Recovery System to that of the typical collection service

  ARPC Traditional Just look at the services you gain with ARPC
Business Partner Yes No We work closely with you to provide a better collection process from beginning to end.
Control of the Process Yes No We give you all of the tools of a collection company, so you have full control of the process.
Collections Fees 5%-25% 30%-60% Our collection process and lower fees make early engagement possible, making it the best time and most effective way to collect the debt.
Automatic/Persistant Process Yes No Our process is automatic and persistant with every step documented. Every legal tool is used to collect the debt, including letters, phone calls and attorney follow-up with credit bureau reporting.
Payment Made Directly to Practice Yes No With our process, the first person to get paid is the doctor/practice. Collection companies can legally hold your money for 60 days, which can affect your cash flow.
Additional Income/Delinquent Fees Yes No The doctor/practice has the option of adding delinquent fees to the debt, which can help offset the collection costs.
24-hour Reporting Yes No All account information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via internet access.
Locked Collection Fees Yes No Our rates are locked in when the debt is entered into our system, not when the debt is collected.
Customer Removal Yes No You can take the debtor out of the collection process if you wish. Most collection companies charge high fees to do so.
Debtor Payment Plans Yes No The doctor/practice can offer a payment plan to the debtor.
Credit Bureau Reporting Yes Maybe It is always your choice as to which delinquent accounts are submitted to the credit bureau.
Attorney on Retainer Yes No Our sign-up fee provides the doctor with an attorney-on-retainer who directly handles all delinquent debt.